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About This Web Site

Spawned out of a refusal to be depressed after the
November 2004 elections, and a desire to take some form of
action, this web site is designed to contain various and
sundry thoughts, typically from the Left, with respect to
politics and the economy. My first thought was a blog, but
rather than post daily meanderings, I decided that it would
be more appealing to strive to write essays that entail
significant thought and research on my part: a more
demanding task, but hopefully with a better end result.
Feedback is always encouraged.

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Yahoo! Groups makes it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe,
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never be given to any other individuals or parties,
An Open Letter of
Encouragement to
Democrats and Liberals

Initial essay from
November 4th, 2004

... to the political reflections
and other assorted musings
of a self-proclaimed liberal.
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